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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rape Axe?

I read an article on a new item called Rape Axe! I wish I was kidding. But this is a legitimate product. Its condom a woman can insert inside her vagina that has "teeth" (hooks that line the inside of the tube). So if a woman happens to get raped and has her handy dandy Rape Axe inserted, her attacker will be in immense you can imagine. When the attacker manages to get withdraw himself from the woman, he won't be able to remove the "teeth," unless he gets them surgically removed. The idea is to give the woman time to escape and "tag" the rapist. I think this is brilliant. Women shouldn't be scared of getting raped just because they're walking out late at night. I am surprised this wasn't thought of before.

Here is the official Rape Axe website.


  1. the device will like slip out of her and she will run away from him im guessing? thats creepy as fuck. what if she forgets and gets drunk at a party and then tries to have sex with some guy??? wierd.....

  2. Haha that's a good point. "Sorry babe I forgot to remove my Rape axe.
    I wonder what AXE thinks about this.

  3. This thing looks like a giant, hollow dildo that you'd be running around 6th street with. Not to mention who knows what the rapist is going to do to you when your dildo starts trying to eat his dick.