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Friday, April 16, 2010

What's the deal with pets?

Boyfriend decided to bathe the cat last night so it would smell like Pantene. It got me thinking about the idea of pets. Pets are so amusing, you have this little hairy monster living with you that you feed, talk to and treat like a baby. Pets have no idea what you're saying, but people still sit down and have a conversation with it. Do pets know they are being loved? I doubt my cat knows what love is, he doesn't know why I kiss it or why I talk to it like its a five year old, all it wants is its dry food. The weirdest part is that it knows everything that you do and sees EVERYTHING you do.

Pets themselves are so weird. The cat likes to sit in between the curtain shower when I shower, it likes attacking my feet at the most inappropriate times, he likes to put his toys in his water bowl, sticks out his tongue, likes to sit on my lap when I am going to the bathroom, and has kitty acne. The funniest part is when he plays with his food; he dips his paw in the bowl and puts the food on the floor and then eats it.

I love the weird little creature that lives in my house. Despite all its weird behaviors, I love that it always listens to me without interrupting, it doesn't judge the weird things I do, and it loves me unconditionally. (As long as I give it food of course)

Pantene Kitty


  1. That's such a great picture!!.....

  2. I know! That's why I love you

  3. Un niño de 5 años sabe que le estas diciendo, sabes que lo amas o que no lo quieres. El te responde apropiadamente de acuerdo a su nivel de inteligencia. Un niño de 5 años aprende a leer, y comprender lo que lee, sabe sumar, restar, maneja programas de computador muchas veces mejor que un adulto. Un gatito solo actua por instinto pero no RAZONA.. O sea existe una diferencia muy grande entre los dos. Se lo dice una persona que maneja niños de esa edad y además tiene un lindo y viejo gatico...